Our mission is to provide our customers with quality products that are new and exciting and that they can use to help themselves in there everyday life. Scandlinx, LLC, is based on Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts USA, and was founded by the husband and wife team of Marc and Wenche Soerensen Gazaille. With firm roots in both the US and Scandinavia, we are able to draw on many years of experience in working with and understanding the complex and varied ways to conduct a successful international business. In his years working in his family’s successful retail business on Nantucket, Marc has been fortunate to see a large business operate from all aspects. Marc knows to keep customers returning you must offer them something valuable and different to set yourself apart. That is why Scandlinx will only partner with companies that offer products that are new, exciting, and unique to the Scandinavian consumer. Wenche is Scandlinx’s secret weapon, being Norwegian and having lived in Norway for most of her life, she is able to identify products that are a good fit for the market. Wenche is able to draw on her contacts in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden to help establish long term relationships with both customers and manufactures.